Hello, again!

I’ve always liked to write. Whether I do it for computers while coding, other humans or myself I never really spend too much time away from a keyboard. Opening my blog, after having been inspired by Swyx’s Learn In Public philosophy, seemed like the most reasonable and natural thing to do for me.

However, after nearly a month spent choosing the right theme and the right platform, another one to write and publish my first tutorial, I hit a block. What was I supposed to write? How could my content have been useful or interesting compared to the hundreds of thousands of dev blogs out there? For almost one year my first has also been my only post.

Luckily, things moved behind the scenes: last year has been one of profound growth for me, both professionally and personally. Along with the rest, I realized that the “done is better than perfect” approach perfectly applies to blogging too.

So here I am today, with a new look by fellow public-learner Jake Wiesler️ and a new mission: to just express myself through blogging and let my curiosity and passion for technology and exploration drive me, rather than the thought of writing for an audience.